Highland Ranch PTA
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The Mission of the PTA is to work together with the parents and teachers to bridge the gap between school and home.  The PTA coordinates events and programs that enrich the learning environment at school and promotes after school interactions to bring our school community together.  Through our fundraising efforts we support the school and teachers with supplies, fun family events, and facilitate educational assemblies.

2018-2019 Board

  1. Sotera Anderson
    Sotera Anderson
  2. Esther Lee
    Esther Lee
    Executive Vice President
  3. Chanthara Laila
    Chanthara Laila
  1. Heather Lee
    Heather Lee
  2. Rachel Ashcraft
    Rachel Ashcraft
    Historian & Parliamentarian
  3. Melissa Pascual
    Melissa Pascual
    VP, Membership & Donations
  1. Katie Webb
    Katie Webb
    VP, Programs
  2. Libby Wright
    Libby Wright
    VP, Ways & Means
  3. Sarah Baumgart
    Sarah Baumgart
    VP, Publicity

Committee / Program Chairs
In addition to the PTA Board, the PTA has several committees/program chairs who help to carry out programs.


Purpose: Encourage students to choose positive behavior.

Description: Keep the J Room well stocked with the Character Counts slips (copies, cutting).

Time Commitment: give or take 1 hour per week
​BOX TOPS (all year)

Purpose: The Box Tops program is meant to raise funds for PTA Programs.

-Plan for how we will collect Box Tops throughout the year

-Advertise the collection on the Box Tops

-Reward students for turning in Box Tops. (i.e., Pajama Day for the class with the most Box Tops in a specific month) 

-Submit Box Tops for payment to PTA. 

Time Commitment: 10 hours spread over the whole year
YEARBOOK (all year)

Purpose: The Yearbook program is designed to give families memories of the school year.

-Encourages familiies to upload their photos to the yearbook website. 

-Advertises the Yearbook for sales. 

-Create the Yearbook pages using the photos families upload, as well as the School Photos taken during the Fall/Spring photo sessions.

-Hand out the Yearbooks at the end of the year.

Time Commitment: varies depending on how many photos families upload and how many student volunteers help to create the Yearbook
SPIRIT WEAR (all year)

Purpose: The purpose of the Spirit Wear Program is to encourage school pride.  The program also raises funds for PTA Programs.

-create products
-work with vendor to order the products
-advertise and sell the products
-Follow PTA money handling protocol

Time Commitment: The time commitment will depend on your plan for selling product.  

Purpose: Support PTA and classroom volunteers by ensuring supplies are available to do their volunteer work

Description: Keep the J Room well stocked with PTA supplies - pens, paperclips, stampes, tape, etc.

Time Commitment: give or take 1 hour every two weeks

Purpose: Serve as the PTA Liaison to the Room Parents

-provide room parents with PTA guideliness / Do's and Don'ts

-communicate with Room Parents about the plan for Teacher Appreciation Week

-answers questions from Room Parents

Time Commitment: 5 hours a year

Purpose: The purpose of Restauarant Night is to give you permission to take a night off from cooking each month and enjoy a family dinner at a local restuarant. To be "present" with your family. A portion of the proceeds are donated to PAT to help fund PTA programs

-contact various local restauarants to secure their participation
-advertise the evening

Time Committment: 1 hour each month securing a location.
CHOIR (all year)

Purpose: Encourage creative self-expression; gives students a way to connect with each other and build positive relationships; improves mood and decreases stress and anxiety

-Fall Show
-Spring Show

Time Commitment: varies depending on the program you develop for the year

Purpose: Help students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life.


Time Commitment: 

Purpose: Bring awareness to and encourage students to say No to Drugs

-Develop a plan for how you would like to carry out Red Ribbon Week (daily activities) and execute the plan

-Coordinate with the school and teachers

-Advertise the program

-Secure vendors

Time Commitment: 1-10 hours to plan, advertise, execute



Time Commitment:

Purpose: To celebrate different cultures and diversity.

-Develop a plan for how you would like to celebrate different cultures and execute the plan

-Advertise the program to secure volunteers to host a booth

-Advertise the program to encourage people to attend the evening

-Set up, host the evening, clean up

Time Committment: 1-5 hours to plan, advertise and communicate with families; 5 hours the evening of the program (set up, event, clean up) 
FAMILY WEEK (February)

Purpose: Celebrate family and loved ones.  encourage families to be "present" with one another and share quality time.

-plan and execute a week of family activities (i.e., dance, bowling, pastries with family; family evening ideas; lunch with parents at school)

-advertise, sell tickets

-secure volunteers

Time Commitment: depends on the activities you plan for the week and how many volunteers you secure
APEX (March)

Purpose: The APEX Run seeks to encourage students to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.  This is PTA's big fundraiser for the year.

-Secure the vendor

-Coordiante dates with the school

-Secure Volunteers

-Follow PTA money handling procedures 

Time Commitment: Approx. 10 hours

Purpose: Celebrate and thank the teachers and staff for all they do for the students.

-Create a plan for how the school will celebrate Teachers/Staff and execute

-communicate with the room parents about the plan

-advertise plan

-decorate doors

Time Committment: 1-5 hours to plan the week and advertise the week; 1-5 hours decorating various doors; any additional time will depend on the plan created for the week.


Purpose:  Encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity in each student and to increase self-directed questioning of the world around them. Inspire a passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in students through discovery and hands-on experience.

-Plan and execute the evning

-coordiante with teachers and Families

-advertise the program

-secure vendors for stations

-develop stations

Time Commitment: varies depending on how much particiaption is received from the students.  Approx. 10-20 hours, including the day of the event.

Purpose: Provide opportunities throughout the year where families can get together and enjoy one another in a school setting - bridge the gap between home and school.

-plan 3-4 family nights throughout the year (i.e., movie night outdoors, BINGO night, Art night, game night)

-advertise, sell ticks (where applicable)

-secure vendors and volunteers

-Follow PTA money handling procedures

Time Commitment: varies depending on the evenings planned and volunteers secured
Purpose: Convey to students that school matters.  To invoke excitement for the start of the new year and new opportunities.  To capture memories.

Description: Secure vendor and coordinate picture dates

Time Commitment: 5 hours a year
BOOK FAIR (Fall & Spring)

Purpose: The Book Fair is meant to celebrate reading and encourage reading with the stuednts.  We also use the program to earn credit that the Librarian can use to purchase additional books for the library. 

-Plan, coordinate, advertise, and execute Book Fair in the Fall and Spring.

-We typically have a Book Fair in the Fall and Spring.  Set up is on Sunday.  Book Fair runs during the school day Monday through Thursday.  Close out is on Friday.  

-You coordiante with the vendor for the delivery of books, restocking of books, payments, points for the Librarian. 

-You coordinate with the teachers for class visits to the Book Fair. 

-You secure volunteers to help during the week. 

-Follow PTA money handling protocol.

Time Commitment: The time committment will depend on how involved you are during the week while the Book Fair is ongoing and how many volunteers you are able to secure.